Hello friends! Do you like the new look for my blog? Cute, right?? I had fun drawing my cupcake cartoon. The header and background were drawn and designed by ME! I decided that my little cartoon will be the new mascot for my blog and my message that Life’s a Cupcake! He/she needs a name though … my mascot will soon start having the major responsibility of starring in cartoon segments about life with cancer. Stay “tooned”!

So, how am I doing? Blah. It has been one week since my second chemotherapy treatment and what a struggle this past week has been. I thought that since my oncologist switched me to a milder form of chemo medicine that the symptoms would be easier to handle. Well, that was a big N-O. I have been sicker than I ever have been my whole journey from chemotherapy, and I think this is because my levels are the lowest they have been. I’m tired and winded all the time, and my body is very achey. I feel uncomfortable all day, even when I’m in a big cushy bed. My bones and joints hurt. My left arm, where the chemo was administered, is very sore. My shoulders are tense and tight from stress. Sigh. So physically I am a mess, but I am actually doing surprisingly well mentally!

I am just so excited for all of this to be over. I feel positive and upbeat. I want to reach out and help other people so badly (with cancer, life, charity, anything!) but I have to get well first. Being so close to the end of my journey is frustrating because I am soooo ready to close this chapter of my life and move on. With all of this new physical pain and delays on treatment, I want this to be over now more than ever. OF COURSE the last stint of my journey has to have the hardest hurdles! Isn’t that how it always goes in life? Well, give it all you got cancer! You have already lost, and now it’s time to pound you into the ground!

My counselor said I really have to focus on taking extra good care of myself for the next few weeks. I have been reading, lounging in the pool and enjoying little sweets (French macarons anyone?) while I heal. I think I have finally found peace and calm in my mind. I don’t feel stressed anymore! I can’t wait until I can be active again. That is one of the things I miss the most, and a great way to relieve stress. My motivation is totally different now, so I am really looking forward to easing into workouts and going to the gym when I’m ready.

Thank you everyone for your love and support! My last and FINAL treatment will be Tuesday, June 24th as long as my blood counts stay good. I’m sneaking in a week earlier to see if I can get treatment done on the 17th based on my platelet levels, but as my oncologist nicely put: “Don’t count on it.” I am sooo going to try anyways!!