Quick little update: I’m am officially OFF my pain meds and should be fully recovered from my surgery in under 2 weeks! YAAAAY! I can’t drive again! I can have a life! The first week of March I will be returning back to work part time. I feel so free! WEEEE!

Now back to business: It’s been a little over a week now since getting the news from my doctor that he may want to extend my treatment plan for my cancer. 6 weeks of radiation was originally going to be the last step of my journey, but now he might want to end the treatment plan with 3 more rounds of chemo as a preventative measure. This means I would be done the beginning of June instead of May. Sigh.

I was really feeling down, going back and forth between happy and sad over the news, but I finally came into the light. It’s still difficult to accept that my treatments are going to be dictating my life my right now, but in the end I am willing to do whatever it takes to beat this thing. And if that means more treatments, then bring it on!! I’m in for the long-haul of life, not the short-term version. 🙂

I had some projects planned for this Spring that I now have to postpone, but that’s ok. I really should not be making long-term plans until I have have an end date for my treatments. But, this does not stop me making short term goals for myself! I mean, I have to do SOMETHING! Drum roll please … I have decided that I want to get in the best shape of my life while being in the worst shape of my life. Yup, I’m going to attempt the get over one of my greatest struggles while going through the rest of my treatment cycles. That’s not crazy, right? I want to lose the weight I have always wanted to lose and get the healthiest I can be during this time. There are many findings that say exercise and a healthy diet dramatically help during cancer treatments, so why would I want to deny my body the best I can give it? I am starting to realize that treating cancer isn’t all up to the doctors, nurses and radiologists … there is a lot of responsibility on the patient’s part, too. Well, if they want to get better that is. Obviously a good attitude is the most important thing, but I also have to set my body up for success! Especially  preparing for when I go into remission. Can you imagine if I were to be done with my treatments by June and have a super hot body all ready for bikini season?? That would rock!! Now THAT, my friends, is the silver lining in this would-be depressing situation. 🙂

First, here are my goals:

Lose 40 pounds by August 1st (sooner would be nice, but this date allows for a heathy -2 pounds per week)

• Have at least one juiced beverage per day

• Drink green tea at least twice per day

• Drinks TONS of water

• Exercise a total of 120 miles for the month of March. I want to aim to hit the gym twice per day.

I am giving myself a start date of March 1st, although I have already started with the juicing, tea and water because my system needs some cleansing. My weight loss and exercise goals might seem extreme to some people, but they are just goals! If your goals don’t make you sweat just by thinking about them, then you are not pushing yourself hard enough!! Don’t take the easy way out, you deserve more than that! I’m sick of not being 100% satisfied with my body and my health. I’m ready to go all-in.

So friends … how does it feel knowing that your friend with cancer will be kicking your ass at the gym? Tee hee. That’s right, I WENT there! No more excuses for you! Muahahaha. Every time you tell yourself you are too “busy” or “tired” or “depressed” or “I have a headache”, just remember your good ol’ friend Kathy will being working her ass on the treadmill that day no matter what. And she has cancer. Sorry everyone, but when they say cancer effects everyone, it’s true. 😉

I will be posting body pictures on my blog, weekly updates on my progress, and I’ll be doing LOTS of facebooking. I hope this inspires people to take charge of their health and give themselves the best they deserve – and more! Stay tuned!

xoxo, Kathy