Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I am so thankful that I am feeling good for the Holidays since my chemotherapy treatment a little over a week ago. Alex and I have tons of family time coming up, and I need all the energy I can get. Lots of green tea for me! 🙂

I finally want to share my experience of having my astrological chart read to me by a local Evolutionary Astrologer and friend, Katie Sloan. It was a couple of weeks ago but the information is still soaking in! As Katie explained, having your chart read is a great tool to help better yourself and help with your journey through life. It’s not predicting the future or any hub-bub like that, just a better understanding of who you are and why. Katie made me feel very comfortable and she really gave me a personal experience (I will list her information at the bottom of the post for those who want a life changing experience as well!). We met at a casual restaurant where Katie showed me my chart, and here is a summary what was revealed to me (no judging!!):

…I am really “into” how people see me. I have a tendency to be the “fair” or nice one, but almost to the fault because I sacrifice my own voice just so people will like me. I don’t want people to really know my inner problems and I prefer to be a private person (it’s true!!) so I try to come off as perfect on the outside, always fussing over details. I always like harmony and balance and understanding all sides to a problem. This why people like me and come to me with their problems, but again I don’t really take my own stance so that I don’t risk people being mad at me (which I can’t stand). I am sacrificing my own voice for the sake of getting a long with others – I need to learn to trust myself and speak up!! The ultimate betrayal to me is someone speaking publicly about my personal life and problems. Touching on the perfectionst side again, I want people to see me as “beautiful” and “having nice things”. I self-medicate with shopping because it fills an inner void.

I tend to waiver on decisions or avoid making them all together for sake of staying “safe”, which may cause or already caused me to miss out on opportunities. But starting now and for the next few years I will be going through huge transformations and making decisions which include letting go and rebelling against my “roots”.  I’m going to go make huge leaps in my life spiritually and mentally. I am going to strip away the layers and find out who I really am inside. As long as I stay true to myself and am honest to others while going through these experiences, great things will be in store for me. I am going to learn to let go of materiel possessions and find a deeper meaning for myself by reaching out and helping others. I will change people’s lives. I am going to reclaim my own desires and I am ready to do what I want to do, not what anyone else expects of me. I need to start speaking the truth about myself and through expression I will find who I am really am…

Phew! And that’s just the summary! Needless to say I was blown away by how accurate Katie’s reading was. In fact, it was a little scary. I am ALL OF THOSE THINGS! It was also scary having these critical issues laid out in the open, but now that it’s right in front of me I cannot ignore it. At the same time I felt very relieved and comforted because the reading reaffirmed a lot of things I was feeling on the inside, which now I know have validity to them. I am ready to accept this information and let my experience make me into a better person. Thus, this blog. Can I be more open and expressive than this?? 🙂

What do you think? Would ever want your chart read? You can contact Evolutionary Astrologer Katie Sloan at What a great way to start the New Year!

But, I have to get through Christmas first! I am feeling so giddy today, and I am really looking forward to spending lots of time with my family the next few days. This Christmas season has been different for me; my illness has let me step back and acknowledge how important family is. I am so blessed that I get to spend time with my husbands side of the family as well who are so extremely loving and support! My spirits are lifted. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!