Good morning everyone! As most of you know, yesterday I had a another meeting with my oncologist and my second round of chemotherapy. The treatment went well and faster this time, and I could not have asked for better news from my doctor. Here’s what he said:

I am doing WAY better than what was expected. Based on what I told my doctor about how well I did during my first chemo treatment (read my last post) he said he was truly amazed and very excited about what this means for my recovery. He said that generally patients who receive the chemo medicine well will tend to have a better prognosis than patients who don’t, so the fact that I did better than normal is a wonderful sign!

I may only do 3 chemo treatments instead of six. My next treatment scheduled for January 5th may be my last!! They want to do another scan shortly after to check on the shrinking progress of my tumor, and if all looks well I could be DONE with chemo!

• Surgery may not even be totally necessary, but we will still do it just to be safe. My second scan next month will also reveal if my lymph nodes are still swollen and possibly infected with the cancer. My doctor said based on my significant progress the scan could very well show healthy lymphs, but he would still want to do surgery to look at them himself just to be safe. Cancer spreading to the lymph nodes is considered Stage 3 cancer, which is what they think I have, and this means there is risk of cancer spreading to other parts of the body. The only way to find out if they are infected for sure is to test the lymphs directly. The surgery is MINOR and consists of a robot making two slits on my sides. 🙂

After the surgery I will have radiation treatment. This will kill the cancer for GOOD! I learned that radiation is what actually kills and CURES the cancer, but of course human beings can only withstand so much of the treatment (it would put a hole in my abdomen if we started out with this right away lol). Chemo and surgery is used to get the tumor and infected areas down to it’s smallest form so patients don’t have to endure the radiation treatment more than they absolutely need to.

• And then I will be done! 

My family is ecstatic with the news, and I really want to thank every one again for all of their thoughts and prayers – it is truly working!! So what does this mean for me now? Here are some goals I have set more goals for myself to help take my progress to the next level:

Working-out three times per week, starting at 30 minutes per session. Exercise is scientifically proven to help with cancer recovery, so I feel that this goal is one of the most important!

Dedicating myself to healthy lifestyle, meaning staying on track with healthy food! I have to remember that my body is much more sensitive to foods high in sugar and fat, as well as my stomach is sensitive to large meals instead of small ones. My goal is to have 4-5 small healthy meals per day, avoid white/empty carbs, avoid foods high in sugar and fat, and eating enough protein, B vitamins and fiber. This will help with my blood cell production (chemo naturally makes you slightly anemic) and help my digestive system (need to pass the crap). Ah! So much to think about! I am reading ‘The Kind Life’ by Alicia Silverstone for the second time now, and she has a great outlook on healthy eating as well as amazing recipes.

Trying some “none-conventional” methods … Hey, I am willing to try anything! I have CANCER! 🙂 Along with modern medicine, I am also excited to try other things like essential oils with Aisha Harley. I have only heard wonderful things about this theology and will report back after my first learning session, very exciting! I really want to start getting into yoga and meditation as well. And I have already mentioned that I am getting a better understanding of myself by having my astrological chart read (Post is coming! Promise!). I want to take this opportunity to make-over my mind, body and soul. I really believe that my good attitude and positive thoughts have significantly affected my cancer treatment so far, physically as well as mentally, and now I want to take it to the next level!

I plan to post on each one of these topics, so stay tuned! Much love everyone!