Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Well, I hope it’s happy for most people :). I had a very interesting day … I had my astrological chart read to me by Kate Sloan, some one I know through the event industry who is also an Evolutionary Astrologer (coolest job title EVER!). It was a pretty life changing reading, and I think I will dive into on here in a day or two after I digest everything. Trust me, there is a lot to digest!! I will post her info again, but if you want to schedule your own reading you can contact Katie at katsloan23@yahoo.com.

Tonight I want to touch base on healthy transitions. It is three weeks into my journey and I have made so many positive changes in my life! Yes, cancer sucks, but that does mean my life has to suck.

• Time management: Wow, does the day go by quickly. I found this out after my first chemotherapy treatment and I would sleep the days away. I would just lay in bed or on the couch all day and feel like CRAP. I learned very quickly that it did my body good to get my ass up and make the most of my days. I utilized my iPad to make daily schedules for myself (still do), and with every fulfilled task I felt GREAT! Better than great, actually, which is funny for a cancer patient to say :). Time management lead me to my next positive change and good habit …

• Cleaning. Yes my friends … I can clean!! This is something I really struggled in the past, especially being a new wife. I was hoping to get out of this responsibility since my husband and I agree on gender equality and having equal roles in our household (heh heh), but WOW does a clean house make my hubby so happy. And clean laundry makes him over-the-moon happy. And an empty sink makes him do things I can’t really post on this blog … but you get the idea! If you know me, you know I struggle with cleanliness and organization, and I have made a complete 180 these last few weeks. My friends and family will have to see it to believe it but I actually take pride in my home now! My husband can’t stop expressing to me how proud and happy is. This means the world to me, and obviously makes me feel great. This may be the biggest transition of all, and I know it’s going to get even better.

• Cooking healthy for 2: this may be my newest transition. Thanks to modern medicine, cancer doesn’t cause patients to lose weight due to loss of appetite or vomiting any more, so take this and add: gift baskets, “Get Well Soon” boxes of chocolate, homemade meals from BOTH parents’ households, and sympathy “going out” dinners and you get Flabby Kathy. Not FATTY Kathy, just Flabby. Yup, the flab is packing on and I am ready to make positive food changes in our household! I want to clean myself out and get my body functioning as efficiently as possible. My body needs all the help it can get, and fatty meals are not going to help.

I am taking significant steps by using the tools my trainer helped me establish while I was losing weight for my wedding (this last September). This includes pre-making my and my husbands meals for the week, buying organic, pre-making healthy snacks so I am not tempted to eat crap, and keeping all crap out of our house in general. This also means staying at home more than going out. The phrase “You are what you eat” is really sinking in (literally). Like my time management lesson, I am learning that what I am putting into myself is what I am getting out of it. The more GOOD things I put in my body the BETTER I will feel. The more BAD things I put in the CRAPPIER I will feel. It’s just that simple.

I am happy to report that thanks to my healthy transitions my spirits and body are in great shape. I actually feel less nauseous during the day and am taking less of my anti-nausea medicine which means less crazy side-affects to endure (dizziness, blurred vision, jitters, anxiousness, etc). I attribute it to the healthy transitions I have made these last three weeks. There are plenty of things I still want and need to improve on, but so far I am on a roll! I’m like the new Betty Home-Maker … with cancer haha! I know that if I keep my chin up things will get better and better

… Which is exactly what my astrologer told me. 😀

I hope this inspires people to take a step back and realize that YOU can control your life, not the other way around. You can find more information about my trainer and her program The Mellie Affect by clicking this link here. Good night everyone!