It’s officially Day 6 of my hair falling out, and it’s thinning to the point of baldness. I estimate that half of it is gone Big sigh … so much for enjoying my new hair cut!! Good news is that my lashes and brows are still intact – phew! Lord, you can have my hair but please leave me brows and lashes!! lol.

I thought combing out the clumps of my hair would get easier each time, but it doesn’t. Now I understand why some cancer patients just shave their head (which I am really close to doing!!). It just sucks. Not to mention, messy!! There is hair all over our bed and pillows, all over the bathroom and shower, the toilet – everywhere! I get a little comfort knowing that its NOT the cancer that is causing the hair loss, it’s the chemo working. My energy has bounced back a little bit and I am sleeping better at night (minus inhaling all the loose hair on my pillow) so all and all things are starting to look up.

The bright side of going bald is that I get to wear super fantastic wigs!!! I can have perfect, low maintenance hair every single day. That would make any twenty-five year old girl happy. Although I feel a little insecure walking out of the house with a wig, I noticed that hats help – like a cute beret, which covers up the top/fakest part of the wig. I don’t want it to be totally obvious that I am wearing a one and have some mischievous little kid pull it off in public! I KNOW that would never actually happen (hopefully), but you get my point!

A few challenges with wearing a wig includes going to the gym (sweat in a wig?), rain (a wet wig?) and changing it up with different hairstyles (a tasseled wig?). But I am confident I will figure something out, and I am sure there are more challenges to come.

I know some people are wondering when my hair will grow back. I hear the stubble/buzz cut look grows about six weeks after hair loss. Normal hair grows about a half inch per month. It is different for everyone, but I am guessing it will take a full year to re-gain my cute pixie cut-via-Carey Mulligan look back. Until then … I’m wiggin it!

In my “Ruby-Bronzed” wig at work:

Lots of love everyone!!