I know that the most of the people who read this blog either came to my and Alex’s wedding or are my facebook friend, so you know how AMAZING OUR WEDDING WAS!! Wow wow wow. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. It was the most amazing day of my life and I felt like true princess. Of course with my crazy eye for detail there were a few things here and there that I would have changed and could have been prevented with even MORE pre-planning, but in the end those stupid little things don’t matter. That day was friggin PERFECT, and it was thanks to my family, friends and vendors who put together the most beautiful wedding of the century. Oh, and the weather Gods of course (80 degrees, sun and clouds; 70 degrees at night). The last few nights leading up to the wedding I was still tying bows on napkins, gluing feathers to menu cards, tying keys, changing the seating plan, and frantically finishing the last minute details. Was everything worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!! I’m just glad I don’t have to go through that again lol. 🙂

Ok, now, I am totally guilty of blogging on my honeymoon – AHHHH!!! I know, I know. Even though being in Hawaii is totally relaxing and exactly was we needed, I still have the need to feel connected to the outside world! Alex is scuba diving right now so I spent the entire morning and early afternoon sunbathing, listening to my favorite girl music (Fergie, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, etc), having a light lunch, enjoying a cocktail, reading my magazines. Half way through my fanstically relaxing morning I realized, “Holy crap! This is a lot of time to think!!”. This past year I couldn’t imagine thinking about anything except the wedding … now I have so many free hours of my day to think about whatever I want, it’s a little scary! A huge chapter of my life is over, and now I am starting a new one: ‘Kathy the Wife’. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing husband, friend and life-long partner in crime, and for the first time in my life I really feel like the world is at my finger tips and Alex is encouraging me to do whatever I want. It’s not even career specific or anything, I just want to start really living my life! I want to try new things and really put myself out there. I want be the best I can possibly be, and test the limits to all of my talents. Since I had no idea where to start I decided to make a list of things I am genuilly interested in and love:


• Flute

• Ballet

• Art

• Art History

• Classical Music/Opera

• Fashion

• Event Design

• Interior Design

• Fitness

• Yoga

• French History

• Living Organic

• Consulting

• Inspiring people

• Graphic Design

• Writing

I’m sure I will be able to think of more, but this is a good foundation of what I really love in life. So what I am supposed to do with all of this?? That’s what I need help figuring out. I am a firm believer in that great things will find you (versus one frantically searching for the answers). Not that I can just sit back and wait, but I hope that the right opportunities will present themselves.

One of the things I have been contemplating for the last few years, and strongly so, is going back to school – meaning, getting my college degree. Do I need a college degree?? At this point in my life, no. But then again, how do I know that? It is something that I have always wanted to do. I have thought about getting a degree in music or design, or both. Who knows where that would take me in life. Yes, college is expensive and everyone has an opinion on the matter, but in this day and age anything with college is possible. I have been thinking about it seriously for so long that I can’t write it off just yet, so we’ll see what happens!

Sometimes its nice just to lay all my cards out on the table and clear my mind. There is just so much to think about!

Time to get back to my cocktail 🙂