…. Ok, maybe it’s one week until the wedding of MY century. I’m pretty sure William and Catherine’s wedding was “THEE” wedding of the century. But I haven’t put out a public survey about my wedding versus their wedding so the real answer remains inconclusive.

Anyways! Since it’s late on a Saturday night, it’s now officially less than one week until Alex and I get married!! I can’t believe how amazing this experience has been and all of wonderful people I have met along the way. That’s sort of cheesey but so true. My final FINAL dress fitting was today … completely altered and ready to go … and it looks BA-NA-NAS. My dress it out of this world amazingly stunning. I can’t wait to show it off!! The back is a teeeeeney bit tight but I’m going to work extra hard this week on sticking to my menu and running extra hard and I should be ready to go for Saturday. I’m taking extra precautions with my skin, hair, nails, EVERYTHING! There is so much to think about when wanting to look perfect on your wedding day. I bought spanks and food pads and an adhesive bra and fabric tape. Next week I’m getting my hair touched up and glossed, a facial, mani/pedi and hopefully teeth whitening. Plus working out twice a day and trying to get all of my wedding stuff done …. AHHH! I love that it’s a crazy fast-paced time.

While Alex and I are taking the next huge step in our lives, there is another who lost his life last night at 11:30pm. A guest for a our wedding and long time friend to my family and business: Michael Anderson. He was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer a few months ago and he knew he didn’t have long. Michael was fatherly to me and so many other people, and he will be missed dearly. Michael has reminded me that not everyone gets their “second chance” or “wake up call”. Sometimes a life just comes to an unexpected end. One can only hope that everything you wanted to do during your life is done before you pass, but when death creeps up you have to be satisfied with what you have accomplished regardless … right? I don’t know. That is what I am trying to figure out. Now more than ever I know I can have everything I have ever wanted, that no one human is better than another. I can be just as successful and happy as any body else. The only thing that is stopping me …. is me.

So this post tonight is for Michael and to the 7 day count down. I know he will be smiling down on our day and would want it to be amazing. I have learned so much within the last 6 months … that’s when Michael has his first heart attack, and that is when I started my work out plan. I have not experienced such a dramatic change in myself in such a small amount of time. The memories I made during this time I will cherish forever.

xoxo Kathy

R.I.P Michael Anderson. You are loved.