Oh my gosh people … only 9 weeks until my final fitting for my wedding dress! AHHHH!!! I have come so far on my weight loss journey, but there is still so much more to accomplish! I have had ups and downs with staying on track with my meal plan and work outs, but now it is officially ON. Like DONKEY KONG.

My trainer has challenged me to stay 100% on track for the next 9 weeks with some *incentives* and I am ready to take it on!

Here is what I am doing to help myself stay on track:

Premake my meals. I can’t even stress how important this factor is.

Getting rid of crap food in my house. I politely asked my fiance to please get rid of his crap food. He asked my to define “crap food” and I said “Everything.”

Spreading the word to my family, friends and co-workers. I have asked for their support to help me stay on track, and that means no happy hour drinks and no Olive Garden dinners!!! *tear* Man I am glad to be rid of those nasty bread sticks!! *sniffle sniffle* 😉

Keeping in daily contact with my trainer. If I’m not “cheating” then I have nothing to hide, right?!?! But for reals, I have to keep myself accountable for my decisions and brake myself of OLD habits. Sending my trainer daily updates will definitely help keep myself on track.

Planning out my days. This may sound funny, but if I keep a timely agenda of what I am doing for the day then I feel way more confident about sticking to my goals. For example, “Breakfast at 7:00am, Start work at 9:00am, Phone meeting at 10:30am, Morning Snack at 11:00am, Answer Emails from 11:30-12:30pm, Marketing Meeting at 12:30pm, Bridal Appointment at 1:15pm, Lunch at 2:00pm” and so on. I keep track on my phone or in a planner. I have found that a lack of structure can create loop holes in the day for let’s say, Late Morning Wendy’s Frosty Time or Afternoon Caramel Frappuccino Time or Sneak My Co-Workers French Fries Time. These are DEFINITELY not in my meal plans and will never be on my daily agenda.

Learn to unwind during workouts instead of unwinding with food. Right now is the most stressful time of the year for my job, and I used to come home and binge on snack food to help myself relax (cookies, chips, cheese and crackers, red wine, whatever I could get my hands on at THAT moment). Then I gained 50 pounds. Time to find solace in something else lol! Working out on a regular basis has become rewarding physically AND emotionally.

So today was Day 1 and it was …. A SUCCESS! Here is to the next 9 weeks! Even with a million people cheering you on, you still have to be your own cheerleader.

xoxo kathy